VINIUM Classic

VINIUM Architectural Wine Storage is our own patented contemporary wine storage solution, serving as both wine racking and artistic piece.  Classic VINIUM features the distinct and striking combination of wood blocks connected with stainless steel rods to achieve a “floating effect” for the wine bottles; it is also available in acrylic options for those desiring a truly modern display.  VINIUM is custom designed and built to the specifications of each individual project, making each VINIUM project a truly unique installation.

VINIUM Over Cabinetry

Our own VINIUM Architectural Wine Storage combined with the additional functionality of custom cabinetry below, and a visual appeal that is as equally captivating as VINIUM Classic.

V2 X 2

The VINIUM – V 2 X 2 COLLECTION is a contemporary modular solution made up of 2’ x 2’ panels that will maintain bottle spacing when panels are connected horizontally and vertically.  Solid hardwood blocks create a stunning

“floating” visual effect. The modular panels attach to the walls with a

“Z’ clip system. Each panel holds 20 bottles, making this an ideal option for smaller or uniquely shaped spaces.


The VINIUM – V 3 COLLECTION is a cutting edge “stud mounted” system. This steel framed system has been engineered to attach to the framed wall studs, eliminating rods above and below, creating a truly minimalist “floating effect”.  The ease of installation feature is second only to the gallery look and feel of this unique system. The open area below allows for additional wine case storage.  12 bottle vertical storage is standard; custom widths available.